Advanced Style: What’s Your Style?

You can count on the Advanced Style blog to capture the most intriguing images. This woman in particular especially caught my eye because of her intriguing style…a touch of elegance (the beautiful fabric and detailed piping), edginess (the haircut and jeweled shoulders), and the eclectic (the funky fun bracelets.) A great example of how to dress for ‘all’ the people we are.


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Styling the Floral Dress

Styling the Floral Dress

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Styling the Dress for Myself

Styling the Dress for Myself

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Why Not…Wear Pink & Red?

pinkandred loveWith ‘sweethearts’ day just around the corner, why not try something different this year? Pink and red make a striking combination and are so much more interesting than just either color alone.  I grant you – it’s very dramatic, and not everyone’s cup of tea.  But if you want to stand out from the crowd on Valentine’s Day, this is one way to do it, and you likely already have the makings in your closet.  (You might just want to try it on other days as well – it will brighten up any day of the week.) Hearts to you!



pinkandred nymag

Atlantic Pacific

Atlantic Pacific

Zoe Report

Zoe Report

(All photos: Pinterest)

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Ahhh – The Colors of Spring

Photo: Pantone

Photo: Pantone

Every year Pantone selects a Color of the Year – “Not necessarily the hot fashion color of the moment, but a color crossing all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the consumers.”  This year’s color is Radiant Orchid – a color “Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health. ”  Doesn’t that sound just marvelous?

While it may not be a color that you can incorporate into your wardrobe in a big way – it might be fun to play with it as an accent color (maybe in a scarf or a nail color), teamed with your favorite neutral.

Pantone Fashion Color Report

Pantone Fashion Color Report

Pantone also releases a color chart for the seasonal colors. For Spring 2014, the colors run the gamut of Easter-egg pastels to vivid floral brights.

Showing strongly in their midst on the runways during fashion week was white, as a stand-alone or in combination with (wait for it….) black!  Another runway favorite was pink – in all of it’s varying strengths.

The colors of Spring are decorating retail windows even while we’re still in our winter boots, so take a stroll in the Mall or at your favorite department store and start to get a feel for what speaks to you – what lifts your spirits. Then start to think about which ones you’d like to incorporate into your wardrobe, and how;  you may already have some of them hanging in your closet from past years that you can revive and breathe new life into!

P.S. If you’d like more insight into Pantone’s selection process, visit their website.

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Ummm…Say That Again

Photo: Harpers Bazaar

Photo: Harpers Bazaar

If you’ve ever been a bit stumped by how to pronounce designers’ names, believe me you’re not alone.  Here’s a little tutorial (originally discovered by a colleague of mine, Elena – thanks so much!) that will take the mystery and uncertainty out of how to say all those names. Er-mez, anyone?

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8 Types of Mens Dress Shoes and How to Wear Them

Photo: Cole Haan 'Air Madison' Monk Strap, Nordstrom

Photo: Cole Haan ‘Air Madison’ Monk Strap, Nordstrom

It seems like women have so many choices when it comes to shoes, but so do men, as it turns out.  It’s helpful to know ‘what’s what’ when it comes to mens shoes, especially if you’re the primary shopper for the man in your life.  The handy little tutorial by describes the 8 styles of mens dress shoes.  This site is very handy for all sorts of advice about male style, including how to tie the various tie knots, how to fold a pocket square, and much more.  You might want to bookmark it for future reference!

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