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Why Not…Wear Pink & Red?

With ‘sweethearts’ day just around the corner, why not try something different this year? Pink and red make a striking combination and are so much more interesting than just either color alone.  I grant you – it’s very dramatic, and … Continue reading

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Why Not…Wear Sequins During the Day?

Many people shy away from sequins – certainly for day and, sometimes even for the evening – because they’re afraid of “overdoing it” or “standing out too much”.  I came across this little tutorial on how to wear a sequined … Continue reading

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Why Not: Custom-Order Your Uggs

I love all the possibilities available to us these days – and the ability to custom-order anything always intrigues me.  Who would have thought you could custom-order your Uggs?  I arrived late to the Ugg trend – my dear husband … Continue reading

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Why Not…Make a Hat!

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but then again, the ladies of Advanced Style are forces to be reckoned with.  In particular Debra Rapoport is an expert in the matter.  Take a look at her video showing how … Continue reading

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