The Power of “Plus”

First, let me say I’m not at all disparaging grand goals – in fact, I’m a firm believer in putting your largest intentions out there for fulfillment. But for many people, major changes can be overwhelming when it comes to implementing and sticking to them. Here are some common resolutions that I’ve added that little ‘plus’ to (fashion-related, of course) that can help you feel instantly energized and motivated to keep working towards your ultimate, larger goals.

Resolve to lose weight…plus wear clothing that fits your shape and size. Believe it or not, you’ll look like you’ve lost weight if you wear clothing that fits properly and suits your frame. Too large and too small clothing both work against you. Don’t get hung up on size – I often shop sizes above and below what is my ‘normal’ size because there is such a variation between manufacturers.

Resolve to make more money…plus get more from your current clothing investments. Before you hit the sales, take a look at your closet and rework how you put outfits together, trying new combinations. Play around a little and pull out two items you’ve never worn together before and see how they look.  Try combining patterned items in the same color family. You’ll be surprised how much more you can do with what you already have. 



I love how this sequined top works so well with the plaid shirt underneath – it might not have been a combination that would come immediately to mind, but I definitely am going to play around with my closet and put together something similar.

Resolve to get healthier… plus wear the colors that enhance your skin tone. You will look refreshed, healthier and even younger when you’re wearing your best colors, particularly next to your face. People will think you’ve been to a spa!

Resolve to be nicer to everyone…plus be nicer to yourself. Take time to get ready for your day and creative a positive image. Put on your make-up ‘go to’s’ at a minimum – add an accessory or two, even at home. Make a deal with yourself to compliment yourself and three other people every day.

Resolve to be less impulsive…plus replace your impulse shopping with a new habit. Vow to only buy what you absolutely love and only those items that stay true to your style. What I often do is to thumb through the catalogs and magazines I receive and turn down the corners on the pages that have items I ‘want’, and then set them aside.  When I pick them up a few days later and look at those pages, I find I’m not as thrilled with the items as I thought I was. If I am still interested in something, then I’ll investigate the item further. When you do find an item that you think will work for you, don’t take off the tags until you’ve tried it on and made at least three outfits from your closet.

Bed Bath & Beyond - Real Simple Slimline Flocked Hangers

Bed Bath & Beyond – Real Simple Slimline Flocked Hangers

Resolve to revamp your closet…plus work through it one section at a time. Start with your blouses…try on each one and get rid of the ones that no longer fit, are out of style, are beyond repair, or are closet ‘orphans’ (don’t go with at least three other items in your closet.) You might even want to start the process of replacing the wire or wooden hangers in your closet with the thin, felted ones (they take up so much less room.) Once done – congratulate yourself and take a break.  If you’re up for the next section…maybe pants…go for it. If not, then wait a week or so and then tackle that section.  Small steps lead to big successes.

Resolve to stop procrastinating…plus give me a call if you need a push to get started.  I’m here to help!

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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