Love the Ultralight Down Vest!

Photo: Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo

I’m not really a “down” person – by that I mean, I don’t tend to favor down jackets or vests as a ‘go-to’ item in my wardrobe. I don’t ski (which is where they are totally needed and appropriate) and we really don’t get super-cold temps here in the San Francisco area for the most part.  However, this year I made an exception and I’m SO glad I did.   The new Ultralight Down Vest from Uniqlo has been such a great buy – it’s just perfect for taking the edge off the cooler mornings in the house, and when walking the dog, and when sightseeing a bit in the City as we did over the New Year’s holiday.  And the beauty of it is that it rolls up into a tiny ball and fits inside it’s own little bag, so it’s great for travel.  The caveat I must give is that it’s now becoming hard to find in the stores and on-line, so if you are interested you should jump on it right away. If you miss out on the vest, they do carry it in a jacket.

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