Packing Tip: When You Want Choices

suitcase jpegI don’t know about you but I like to have choices about what I’m going to wear, even when I travel.  This doesn’t have to mean packing a larger suitcase (although I’ll admit, I rarely travel with just a carry-on.  :))  You can have choices in your travel wardrobe simply by taking along a variety of accessories.  Pack several scarves, or an assortment of necklaces and bracelets that work with the clothes you’ve chosen.  For the men, take extra ties and pocket squares.  Accessories don’t take up the space that clothing does and they often can make or break an outfit. The beauty of it is – you can dress for how you feel on that particular travel day rather than how you felt when you were packing – love it!

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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