Asking for Help #2: Turn Great Items Into Great Outfits

raised handsEveryone raise their hand who has clothing hanging in their closet they haven’t worn.  Do any still have the tags on them? (Go ahead…don’t be ashamed….it happens to almost everyone!) Why is this?  Often it’s because we purchase items because we love them, without thinking through how we’re going to turn them into complete outfits, or better yet, more than one outfit.  Sometimes it’s simply because they’re such a fabulous buy (Woo-Hoo! 60% off!) But, again, they remain that lone ‘single’ in your closet, with no ‘mates’ to complete the look.

The cost of not knowing how to turn great items into great outfits can be huge.  Here’s where an image professional can be a great investment for you. We can turn those previous purchases into complete outfits, and offer guidance and/or shopping help so you don’t make the same mistakes again.  You’ve heard it before: ‘The most expensive item in your closet is the one you don’t wear.”    On the other hand, when you’ve invested wisely in your wardrobe – wisely, not necessarily ‘expensively’ – the ‘cost per wear’ can be pennies.

KJL BraceletFor example, I have a Kenneth Jay Lane statement bracelet that I got in New York at least five years ago. As much as I’ve worn that bracelet, I think I’ve actually made money on it! 🙂

#2: Turn Great Items Into Great Outfits

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