Strike the Pose

I recently viewed a brief video by Harvard researcher, Amy Cuddy, about the power of your pose – how by simply practicing a ‘power pose’ before an interview or a performance or a speech you can increase your testosterone – your “power hormone”.  This is more than just good posture (something we image consultants, as well as your mother  :),  talk about all the time.)  It’s about confidence – displaying confidence and power through your body language, which then increases your power hormone, and helps you to achieve whatever it is you’re going for: a good performance, an excellent speech, a strong job interview, etc.  She says it much better than I, so watch the video and let me know what you think. Then strike the pose!

About adenadesigns

I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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