Are You Guilty of “Phubbing”?



It’s a new word for me too – it means phone-snubbing, i.e. neglecting people in real life to use your phone.  Clearly we’re in an era where we’re adjusting to new phone etiquette – some people think it’s okay to keep your cell phone on the table during dinner (but 62% don’t), as well as to talk on your phone during the previews at movies (80% think this is okay.)  This infographic sums up a survey that was recently taken just to find out what people find annoying, as well as acceptable, behaviour when it comes to cell phone etiquette.  I don’t know about you, but I’m dreading the day they approve use of cell phones on airplane flights – don’t you know it will be that person with the loud, snarky voice who will be talking all the way on your six hour flight?  Let’s not wait until that happens to start being considerate of our surroundings and fellow-inmates (I use that word intentionally – lol!) when it comes to cell phone use.

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