Going Gray Gracefully

Photo: Linda and Winky, Advanced Style

Photo: Linda and Winky, Advanced Style

There’s a big (well, somewhat big) movement afoot amongst women these days who are going with the flow when it comes to those little gray hairs that inevitably start to appear. Instead of fighting it, they’re switching to a new mind set – go with it! There’s even a page on Facebook devoted to the subject: White Hot Hair.  If you’re even thinking about the idea, a visit to this page may give you the courage to give it a try.  For myself, given my genes, I don’t think my graying will be of the beautiful silver-white variety, so I probably won’t embrace this myself.  But I do so admire it on those women who do have that lovely color and choose to let it shine.  Linda (and faithful companion, Winky), one of the Advanced Style ladies, shows us how to do it, oh so gracefully.  More locally, Brenda Kinsel, a friend and colleague who inspires in so many ways, has chosen to take this route as well.  Shine on, you lovely ladies!

Brenda Kinsel

Brenda Kinsel



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