When Procrastination Is a Good Thing

Gasp! I can’t believe I just said that – and you probably can’t either.  After all, aren’t we in the age of do more…do it faster…don’t get left out?  (There’s even an abbreviation for it: FOMO – fear of missing out, characterized by ever-more-frequent checks of your email, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)  Well, sometimes it might be better to put something off than to just keep pressing…pushing…forging on.

woman contemplating questionsYou might need to procrastinate if:

1.  You’re the first to hit the stores when the new season’s collections arrive. It’s not a bad thing if you’ve got a curated list of what items you need to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.  You probably should procrastinate if you haven’t taken the time to carefully go through your closet and make that list – that’s how shopping mistakes are made.

2. You immediately cut the tags off your new purchases when you get home and toss the receipts.  If it was on your list, why not cut off the tags?  Because you need to try on your new purchase at home, pairing it with at least two or three items already in your closet to make sure it really works the way you thought it would. (Now, don’t procrastinate when it comes to this exercise. Do it within the first few days.) If it works the way you thought it would, cut off those tags. If not, with your tags and receipt, you’ll be able to easily return it.

3. You hit the stores for every sale.  What?! 30% off…50% off…take an additional 60% off! How can you lose?  Well, very easily, especially because often times sale items are not returnable.  If you get swept up in sale mania, you often end up with “great buys” that end up as ‘closet orphans’ – nothing really works with them and they hang there, unloved and unworn, taking up space and making you feel guilty every time you look at them.  Don’t get me wrong – I love sales as much as the next gal and shopping the sales early can get you the best selection. But you probably should procrastinate unless you can shop the sales wisely…carry that list of what you need…only look at items in your colors that you know stand a good chance of working with other things in your closet…ask yourself “Would I pay full price for this item?”

Sometimes stepping back for a minute helps you move forward with confidence.

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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