Quick Changes #3 to Add Yet Even More Sizzle

These are almost too easy – but they will definitely add a bit of pizzazz to your outfit. I do all of these on a regular basis now and I guarantee they work – even generated a compliment from the young woman bagging groceries for me. (Made my day!)

A favorite from Target

A favorite from Target

*Loop a colorful scarf around your neck – even if you’re just popping out to run to the grocery. (Might get you some compliments too!) By the way, keep an eye out for colorful, patterned scarves whenever you’re out and about – you’ll find them in unexpected places and often at great prices.

*Get a bit more daring and wear a red lipstick. This one’s been a staple for me for many years, but it can be a bit daunting if you’ve never worn a deeper, richer shade on your lips. I’m a big fan of Dior Addict Extreme (#756 is my shade of choice since they did away with my favorite #753 – why do they always do that?) since it has good staying power and is moist as well.

However, I recently tried the Dior Rouge formulation because it was supposed to have a longer staying power,with moisture, plus it was supposed to be better at defining and not bleeding into the little fine lines around the lip. But I had to find my perfect shade (#743 for me) – and so will you. There is a red for everyone, but you will need to test them to find your perfect shade (which is why I’m not fond of drugstore brands – there is no way to try them to make sure they are going to work on your skin.) If you just can’t bring yourself to wear a red, then go for a richer shade of your normal color. If you wear a peach, try a deep apricot or coral. If it’s mauve, try plum. The point is – a richer hue will instantly freshen up your look and draw the eye to your lovely face.

*Wear a patterned stocking with your pencil skirt rather than the more traditional black tights or sheer stockings. With all of the choices available these days, why settle for the basics?  Depending on where you’re going, there’s a pattern that’s appropriate for you.  If it’s a conservative office environment, choose a subtle herringbone pattern. If it’s lunch with friends, how about a black polka dot or maybe a colored tight?

Get Adventurous with Tights

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