Is Your Closet Under an Illusion of Control?

I was talking with a colleague recently about closet organization, specifically about how we can fool ourselves into thinking we have our closet under control.  (If this rings true for us, as image consultants, perhaps it will speak to you as well.)  The fact is that everything is very neatly organized – folded or hung in categories. We know what we’ve got and where it all is.  Now don’t get me wrong – our closets should be well organized. The illusion is that often just being organized doesn’t mean that everything that is laying or hanging there is useful.

closet organized beautifullyCase in point…and we both had this same issue…a lovely stack of cashmere sweaters purchased throughout the years.  The problem: they weren’t being worn.  In my case, it was because my skin is apparently becoming more sensitive to cashmere, and every time I put on one of these sweaters I immediately start to itch.  But I kept hanging on to them because I paid a fair amount for them, and I loved the idea of cashmere, so I kept them – hoping that I would be able to wear them at some point in the future.  Boink!  It just isn’t going to happen!

Bye-bye cashmere!  Off they went to the consignment store (I consign with my friend’s on-line consignment boutique, which you might want to check out) where someone else can put you to good use.

What have got in your closet that needs to hit the road?

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One Response to Is Your Closet Under an Illusion of Control?

  1. elena daciuk says:

    thank you for the shout-out! and yes…please keep your lovely items that aren’t being worn…coming my way!

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