The Cost of Shopping the “September Issues”

Naturally I wouldn’t expect that any of you make up your shopping list directly from reading the September issues of the fashion mags – after all, they’re for our inspiration – and even if you did, you (hopefully) wouldn’t be planning on purchasing all of the items in those features. The Huff Post recently looked at the September issues of 8 of the top magazines and tallied what you would spend if you purchased all of the items in the shopping features. Vogue, while being one of the largest issues overall, had only 59 items in their feature (which gives you an idea of the number of ad pages you’re looking at out of the 902 total pages!), but with an average price of $4375, those 59 items add up to a rather large figure.  On the other hand, Lucky magazine (which seems to be all about shopping) featured 118 items at an average price of $369.  It still added up to more than $40,000.  Enjoy the magazines – pick out your favorite items – and then go out and shop wisely!

(Click on the image to open in new window.)

Huff Post

Huff Post

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2 Responses to The Cost of Shopping the “September Issues”

  1. amy says:

    What a great visual!! Makes me feel very comfortable with what I actually DO spend. 😉

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