Toot, Toot, Tootsie…Hello!

I know this video has been all around the Internet lately (almost 5 million views, in fact), but I think it’s appropriate to share it once again.  Dustin Hoffman eloquently describes his experience in becoming a woman for the film “Tootsie“, and how in the process, he realized that he missed the opportunity to meet and know so many interesting women in his life because of the way we have been brainwashed in our society about what ‘looks’ are appealing and acceptable.

Tootsie, IMDb

Tootsie, IMDb

There’s nothing wrong in admiring a traditionally ‘beautiful’ person, but what is so special about working in the field of image consulting is that we get to help all the rest of us “ordinary” people out there look our very best…project our very best self to the world…to let our unique and special individual beauty shine out Thanks to Dustin Hoffman for expressing this in such an insightful and personal way.


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