“Manning Up in the Heat”

I always think it’s more difficult for men to look professional in the heat than it is for women.  We just have so many more options – instead of pants, we can wear a dress or a skirt…we can skip a jacket and opt for a lightweight cardigan or (depending on the profession) shorter sleeves on our dress or top…likewise, some scenarios allow us to skip the stockings.

Photo: Robert Wright NYT

Photo: Robert Wright NYT

For men, however, it’s a fine line in many professions as to whether skipping a jacket is a good idea…the same with socks or a tie.  Then there’s the question of wearing a tee-shirt to help wick and absorb the moisture, or going tee-less for less layers/weight.  This article in the New York Times discusses the issue with various menswear designers.  (Be sure to watch the accompanying video, as well.  It’s interesting that the best dressed male is the intern – I guess he’s dressing for the job he wants, not the job he has – always a good idea!)


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