Style Vitamin B-Complex – Stress Reducer

The second Style Vitamin you should be taking regularly is vitamin B-Complex. (If you missed the first, Vitamin A, see it here.) The physical vitamin B-Complex is (as its name suggests) not just one but many vitamins, all working together to accomplish many things in our bodies, including reduction of stress.  The Style Vitamin B-Complex can be a great ‘closet stress reducer’, giving you many more options of outfits to wear by breaking-up your existing outfits and look at them in new ways…in new combinations.

We all tend to get into ruts – wearing the same combinations of clothing over and over. Maybe the pieces were purchased as a suit or a ‘set’ and that’s the way you always wear them.  Maybe you were told as a young woman to “never wear those colors together” or “never mix patterns” or some other “never…”.  These days, there truly are very few “nevers” when it comes to fashion, except “never wear what doesn’t flatter you  and never wear what you don’t love.”

Break up the SetThe next time you get dressed, as you start to pull out the same pieces you usually wear together, stop!  Take one or the other and look at the rest of your closet with a fresh eye and pull out a new companion piece to pair it up with.  I realize this can be tough if you’ve never given it a try (and it you need help getting started, give me a call.)  Once you begin to recognize all the possible variations that exist right now in your closet, it will be like having a whole new wardrobe.  You’ll love your Style Vitamin B!

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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