Have You Taken Your “Style Vitamins”? Vitamin A

VitaminsI was thinking recently about how we rely on vitamins for our physical health and, of course, being in the business of advising on style-related matters, I made the leap to the things we rely on to keep our wardrobe and style-personality healthy.  I’m calling these essentials the “Style Vitamins”.  First up…Vitamin A.  Have you taken yours lately?

Vitamin A is “important for growth and development and….good vision.” (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Style Vitamin A is “Assessment”.  With a regular assessment of what’s in your wardrobe you’ll be able to stay true to your vision – your style personality – and to grow and develop with the ebb and flow of your life.  Sad, tired, unworn, unfit items hanging in your closet are not healthy for you.  When you open your closet doors you want to experience happiness and joy, knowing that everything in there is just perfect for you.

Some women like to assess their wardrobes with the changing of the seasons, when they trade out winter for spring, or summer for fall.  Others do it on an on-going basis, taking out one garment for every new one they put in.  Here in California, we don’t have strong seasonal differences, but they do exist nonetheless, and it’s a great opportunity to take a hard look at what you’re intending to store for next fall/winter, for example, before putting it into storage.  Does it still suit your lifestyle? Does it fit (now, not at some future, yet-to-be-determined weight?)  Does it need repair and can it be repaired?  Do you wear it and love it?

Vitamin A can be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s essential for your wardrobe health.  Do you take yours regularly?

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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