“Artists in Residence” at SFO

More than 20 years ago, Bay Area artist Jo Hanson took the matter of garbage and waste into her own hands – literally.  She was appalled at the waste she was seeing on San Francisco city streets and, after a visit with the sanitation company, convinced them to support an “Artists in Residency” program.  The artists selected for the program have studio space provided, as well as access to “The Big Store” (aka ‘the dump’) to select items they are going to repurpose.  They have four months to scavenge, design and create their masterpieces.  Items from the program are currently on display through October in Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport. Of course, fashion is represented in the display – quite clever, don’t you think?


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One Response to “Artists in Residence” at SFO

  1. Amy says:

    Very cool!!

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