10 Things Every Traveler Should Do

Photo: Real Simple

Photo: Real Simple

Are you planning your summer vacation? Maybe an extended get-away over Memorial Day? Even if you’re an experienced traveler, sometimes it helps to rethink how you approach your plans for what you’re going to do on your travels.  This useful article in Real Simple magazine summarizes some great tips.  (By the way, if you’d like a copy of my chapter in the book, My Style My Way, that offers useful packing tips, click here. The book itself is available on my website.)

Some of my favorites (ones that I’ve done in the past and a few that I’m going to embrace going forward) are:

Savor the first few hours…those are when your senses are super-alert to your new surroundings.  Notes you make in the early hours of your visit will probably be the most meaningful because it is your fresh eyes and spirit that will be absorbing it all.

Don’t be afraid to be a tourist…take in some of the recommended spots from the guide books. Check out the hotel literature and what the locals consider to be the top attractions of the area – maybe take a guided tour to get an overview to help you decide what you want to go back and explore in more depth.

Go to a performance or sporting event…even if it’s something that you’re not typically drawn to at home. When you’re in a new environment it can take on an all new aura. While this isn’t an exact example, it may help to illustrate the point.  I’ll never forget when we stopped in at a local cafe/bar in Greece to eat some dinner and stayed to watch a World Cup playoff game on television with the locals.  It totally increased my appreciation for the sport, experiencing their enthusiasm and, for a moment, bonding in that enthusiasm.

These tips can be useful whether it’s a brand new destination or one you’ve been to before.  Open your mind to the possibilities, and happy travels!

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