New Looks to an Old Favorite

This is a little something for the guys – men seem to like to wear boat shoes, even if they don’t have a boat.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking?  I have to admit – they look pretty cool in the warmer weather, paired with Bermuda shorts. Kind of Newport-ish – makes me want to start talking like Thurston Howell III (I’m really dating myself here – but some of you know who I’m talking about!)

Photo: Refinery 29

Photo: Refinery 29

Anyway, this little collection is a nice sampling of some of the newer looks out there.  I’m loving #5 – the Frye Sully woven leather. That would look great whether you’re a boater or a landlubber!

Frye Sully woven boat shoe

Frye Sully woven boat shoe

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