What Would Jackie Do? Are Handwritten Notes Passé?

Jackie Kennedy letters

Photo: Refinery 29

We have so many options today in how we communicate with one another – the question is “What is appropriate, and when?” Jackie was known for her wonderful handwritten notes; of course, she didn’t have to make the decision about whether or not to text versus the handwritten note because texting wasn’t an option.

Even with most of our communications being virtual today, I find there’s still something thrilling about getting a hand-written note in the mail.  From seeing who sent the item….to wondering what’s inside…. and then to opening the envelope for the contents to be revealed… it’s like getting a special little present. And some people are so good at writing notes and letters! My mother comes immediately to mind. Even though she’s doing very well on email and Skype, she will still occasionally send a handwritten note or letter. There’s something kind of special knowing that someone actually sat down and took the time to put their thoughts on paper several days ago, just to send to you.

Papyrus zebra girl

Bella Pilar Fashion Girl at Papyrus

It seems that pretty note cards and paper are still as popular as ever. And oh the choices – of course, I totally love the beautiful fashion-oriented cards at Papyrus.  But that’s just me!

I wonder – do people today enjoy getting ‘snail mail’? Do you?  Or is the handwritten note passé? Let me know – by whichever method you choose!  🙂

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One Response to What Would Jackie Do? Are Handwritten Notes Passé?

  1. elena daciuk says:

    love handwritten notes! in a world of texting and emailing…there is something quite refreshing about getting a lovely note…

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