Pack It In – With Ease!

Photo: Lifehacker

Photo: Lifehacker

While I’m not a big fan of always trying to pack everything in one bag on trips, and especially not a bag that has to fit under the seat in front of me, sometimes it is better to travel with a carry-on rolling bag.  Lifehacker always has great tips and this one on packing is full of practical ideas – especially using the “rolling” method.  I recommended this in the chapter in my book, My Style, My Way.  It definitely saves space – in essence, you put the heavier items (like shoes and possibly jeans) on the bottom of your luggage, then roll all the other items into tight rolls that you can stack side by side.  I’ve been packing this way for some time now, and it really does allow you to fit more into a small space with little wrinkling.

If you’re not worried about space and/or are checking luggage, this may not be an issue (although I know few women who aren’t a bit concerned about having enough space when it comes to traveling, especially when it comes to shoes!)  I’m not a fan of all of his suggestions – such as using the packing cubes.  Sometimes they can come in handy, but they also add weight and are sometimes too rigid/bulky. I do recommend scanning in all of your important papers into your phone (even though some – like passports – you’ll still need to carry), and ever since I got my iPad I’m loving that I can upload books to read, along with many of the digital issues of my magazines instead of having to carry the backload on-board with me to catch up on my reading.


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