What Would Jackie O Do?

This may not be a proper question to ask since Jackie O is, well, Jackie O and probably had someone to look after this for her. But in most things style and etiquette related, she pretty much set a high standard. So, my question is:

DVF Lytton clutch

DVF Lytton clutch

“Is it okay to put your evening clutch on the table or should it go on the floor or are you relegated to holding it in your lap all evening?”

I really don’t like putting my cute little evening bag on the floor, even in the nicest of settings. But somehow, putting it on the table, fighting for space with the utensils, plates and glasses, doesn’t work so well either.  I’ve sometimes just kept it in my lap, under the napkin, but that can be a little awkward, not to mention uncomfortable.

The obviously solution is the purse stool, but it is the rarest of places that offers that useful prop these days.

So thoughts, please…What would Jackie O do?

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