Kick-Start the Year #3: Re-take Your Measurements

Even if you’ve been wearing the same size for several years, your proportions may have changed. Start the year off right by taking your vital measurements so that you’ll be a better shopper.

Woman Measuring Her Waist


This is especially important if you do a lot of shopping on-line and/or purchase clothing in non-U.S. sizing.  You can compare your measurements to those provided by manufacturers to ensure you’re purchasing a size that will fit, or at the least, will fit in your largest measurement so that the other areas of the garment can be taken in to fit (which is a lot easier than up-sizing!)  In my January newsletter I provided a link to easily convert your size to the correct non-U.S. size.

An especially important measurement is your bra size.  It’s amazing what a difference wearing the correct bra size can make to your appearance.  Get fitted by a professional every year and then replace your old bras with ones that fit.

Baby-step #3: Re-take Your Measurements!

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