Kick-Start the Year #2: Wear What Fits

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it?  But the majority of people have clothes in their closets that don’t fit them right now.  I know…I know!  You’re hanging on to it in case you gain back the weight you just lost, or you’re wearing it even though it’s too big because you don’t want to buy anything new until you get to your ‘perfect’ weight…or (fill in the blank.) 


But here’s the thing, if your clothes bag and sag, or conversely pinch and cinch, you can’t possibly look your best.  It’s a common misconception that looser fitting clothes make you look smaller. You need to wear what fits you now, accenting your best features. Alter items when you can…try a belt to add definition…proper layering can work wonders…pretty scarves and accessories attract the eye and add ‘punch’ to any outfit. When something cannot be altered to fit, it will be worth even a minimal investment to replace that item in a size that fits you now to know that you look your best.  (Whether you’re sizing up or down, if the size tag bothers you, cut it out!)

Taking out the clothes that don’t fit you now (or can’t be made to fit) will give you space in your closet and breathing room in your mind.  Even if you’re not ready to permanently get rid of them just yet, get them out of your primary closet and store them out of sight.

Baby-step #2: Wear What Fits!

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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