Are You Camera-Ready?

We can thank Skype for allowing us to talk face-to-face across the miles, and YouTube for the ability to post video for the world to see. But, Yikes! It’s not so apparently easy to look your best on-camera, especially for us amateur videographers.  Even if you’re not preparing a video, you still want to look your best when you’re Skyping with your S.O., your B.F.F., or your mother, right?

Well, here’s a video to the rescue, courtesy of Daily Candy. It’s a short (2:35 minutes) tutorial on how to look your best on camera.  I’ll summarize the highlights for you, then you can watch it for yourself:

1.  Look good! (Duh!) Seriously, put on some lipstick, sit up straight. Make an effort.

2.  Make sure there is a soft light directly over the camera, shining onto your face to softly light it. It can be a desk lamp, a lamp with lamp shade, or even light from a window, as long as it shines over the camera. You don’t want any back or side lighting, and you don’t want to be lit up from underneath by the computer screen itself. Get rid of other lights – close blinds and turn off overhead lighting.

3.  You want the camera to be looking slightly down at you – elevate the camera/computer screen so that the camera is even with your hairline, then tilt the screen slightly forward so that you are centered in the screen.

4.  Don’t sit too close – the camera uses a wide-angle lens so move it a little away from you. Again, you want to be centered in the screen.  Also, keep a simple background – you don’t want a lot of visual distraction behind you.

5.  Lastly, don’t look at yourself (this may be the hardest one for many of us!) Look at the lens so that you’re making “eye-contact” with whomever you’re speaking to.

Okay…lights, camera, action!  Click on the photo below to check out the video:

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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