Agree or Disagree? More expensive clothes hold their value longer than inexpensive clothes.

You might AGREE with this statement if the inexpensive clothes are poorly made, with loose stitching, flimsy or poorly-woven fabric, ragged seams, etc.  Typically, more expensive brands tend to be well constructed and look clean and “solid” both inside and out.  That construction helps ensure a long life.  However, it is possible to find less expensive clothing that is also well-made – you just have to make sure you wear your detective’s hat and check the details.  This is especially important when purchasing garments that you intend to wear for years to come, such as coats and handbags. In that case, you may opt to invest a bit more initially  – again, assuming that the quality construction is evident.

You might DISAGREE with this statement if the expensive clothing is made of a very delicate fabric that runs the risk of damage after only a few wearings.  It definitely has happened to me – I once purchased a lovely skirt (the fabric was luscious!) at a higher price point than I normally would invest. It looked great on and I really enjoyed it – for one wearing.  It was virtually impossible to wear this skirt without snagging the fabric – and it wasn’t able to be rewoven or repaired without showing.  This was a real lesson for me that I needed to be very aware of the durability (wearability) of the fabric, no matter who the designer is.

You might also DISAGREE with this statement if the item is super-trendy.  In this case, you’re not looking for the item to stand the test of time so investing lots of cash in a piece of clothing that won’t be worn beyond the current season doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What do you think – AGREE or DISAGREE?

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