7 Exercises to Get You in Super Swimsuit Shape

It’s not too early to start talking swimsuit season. (A-a-a-g-h! I know lots of you are screaming right now!)  The sad truth is that many of us put on a few pounds in the winter months (those bulky clothes hide a multitude of our overeating-sins, don’t they?) So to truly get your bod in great swimsuit condition, you must start early. Even though I’m a great fan of The Bar Method, sometimes you need to work out on your own, plus it helps to “shake it up” a little – change up your work-out routine to keep your body ‘surprised’.

I recently came across this great selection of seven spot-exercises by exercise guru to the stars (including Gwyneth Paltrow), Tracy Anderson. She generally recommends doing 40 reps of each one.  (I know – sounds like a lot! But after trying them for myself, I could definitely feel their effect.)

Most diet and exercise experts will tell you that spot exercises won’t work by themselves – so you’ll need to combine these exercises with some overall cardio as well.

Whether you’re aiming for a bikini-bod or just want to look great in your one-piece, now is the time to start kickin’ it. If only shopping for a swimsuit were so easy – we’ll talk about that another time!

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