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I just saw this post on about Christian Dior in Paris, featuring this black and white beauty.




It immediately reminded me of this other wonderful dress, worn by Grace Kelly in Rear Window. (It’s a little difficult to see the detailing on the skirt, but trust me, it’s there!)






My fellow image consultants and I were talking at a workshop this weekend about trends – tracking various trends throughout the decades.

There are very few items in the world of fashion that are truly “new”. Most trends have their roots in our fashion history – what makes them seem new is that they are given a fresh tweak by the younger generation of designers.  So when we advise our clients that they can’t count on being able to carry forward the items they wore in the 70’s when the trend hits again in 2011, it’s done with their best interests in mind. The older version of the trend doesn’t wear so well the second time around.

There are a few exceptions to this ‘rule’: high end designer items (like the one above designed by Edith Head) will sometimes retain their wearability. In fact, they very often are the inspiration for the newer iteration.  The other exception is when a woman is striving for a vintage look and wants to wear the real thing, not the modern version.

Which of the two styles above do you like better? I’ve got my favorite!

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