Fashion Myths to Let Go of…

“Color within the lines.”   “Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stay that way.”  Do these sound familiar?  We’ve all got “do’s” and “don’ts” that we’ve heard since we were kids. As we get older, we realize that some of these are not only limiting but downright untrue.  The same holds true for fashion myths that you may be holding on to and that need re-examination.  Take a look…

1. “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.”  This is one “don’t” you can safely ignore if you use some common sense.  White is fine anytime, as long as the fabric is of a heavier weight (i.e. not linen) and you pair it with tougher textures…for example white jeans, cable knit sweater, boots and a belt.








2.  “I’ve worn the same bra size since I was in my 30’s.”  A good many women aren’t formally sized for bras when they are in their 20’s and 30’s, and even if you were one who actually got a formal fitting, let’s face it – things have changed!  You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll look in your clothing if you are properly fitted for a bra for the shape you are NOW.

3.  “Looser clothing makes me look thinner.” NOT! In fact, if your clothes are loose and baggy, they can create the opposite effect.  Nothing compares to wearing clothing that fits you perfectly – not too tight and not too loose.  Many, if not most, items can, and should, be altered to fit – if you haven’t found a good alterations person, ask around and get yourself (and your baggy clothes) in there ASAP. You won’t regret it.

4.  “I know I’m a size ___ now, but I’m hanging on to these size 4 and 6 clothes so I can wear them after I lose _##_ pounds.”  It’s an admirable thought, but in the meantime those clothes are just taking up space in your closet.  Whenever you open your closet door, it will be full but you’ll still feel like you have nothing to wear.  Because it’s true – you don’t have anything in the right size to wear.  If you fully intend to lose those pounds, then take all those clothes that don’t fit you right now and pack them away in a box or unused closet until you reach your goal.  Better yet,  give them to someone who can use them right now, or sell them on consignment – you will be freed of the clutter and better able to organize your closet so that when you are getting dressed, you’ll only be faced with clothing that actually fits you.  (I know this is difficult to do – if you need a professional hand with this, just let me know.)

5.  “I know I don’t wear this, but I can’t get rid of it – I paid so much money for it!”  Haven’t we all said that to ourselves at one time or another? The truth is that you need to analyze exactly “why” you’re not wearing the item. If it just needs an alteration so that it fits properly – DO IT.  If it needs a complementary  item or two to make it useful in several outfits – GET THEM.  Otherwise, donate it or consign it. It’s taking up space and doing you no good whatsoever, regardless of how much you paid for it.  (And maybe you want to hire a wardrobe consultant to help you avoid costly shopping missteps in the future – just a thought!)

6.  “Don’t mix patterns.”  This is one that many women have ingrained in their fashion thought processes, but it’s one that can be ignored if done properly.  What is the “right way” to mix patterns?  Generally you want to keep the patterns similar in scale and related in color.

MORE magazine

The first outfit is a conservative mixing of polka dots of different sizes in the same color scheme.

The patterns in the outfit below work together because they are anchored with the navy and red and they are similar in scale.

Have some fun and see what you can mix up in your wardrobe!


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