What’s Your Trend Personality?

I read recently in The Philadelphia Tribune a comment attributed to Cary Grant about the three stages of celebrity:  1. Who’s Cary Grant?  2. Get me Cary Grant!  3. Get me a younger Cary Grant!  It sent me off on a tangent, thinking about the various stages of trend adoption in the fashion world. Which one are you?

1.  Right Off the Runway Rita: You’re right up there with celebrities/starlets/jetsetters in snagging the latest trends as soon as they make their debut. You might actually have some items with the tags still on them, because they (ahem!) really weren’t your style after all. Sometimes you feel like a true fashionista and sometimes like a ‘fashion victim’.

2.  First in My City Faye:  You’re definitely a trend-setter in the your social circle. Your friends look to you to set the pace and then they work all or part of the trends into their wardrobes.   Your taste is usually pretty discriminating – you tend to incorporate only those trends that suit your style – but  because you definitely are one of the first in your area to sport the newest looks, you sometimes feel that you’re spending a bit more on your wardrobe than you intended.

3.  Leader (NOT) of the Pack Leslie: You follow “First in My City Faye’s” lead before venturing into the murky trend waters.   Sometimes you find, though, that Faye’s choices don’t always suit you so well, but you don’t really feel confident enough to play around with the trends to make them your own.

4.  Pick and Choose Pauline:  You are confident in your own style personality and can take the trends that are appropriate for you and leave behind those that are not.

5.  Could Care Less Cindy:  You are vaguely aware of fashion trends but are quite comfortable in your daily uniform of jeans/sweats/tee-shirts/hoodies.  From time to time, though, you have occasions where you need to spiff it up a bit, and you find you really don’t have what you need in your wardrobe. You find yourself a bit dismayed and, worse, un-self-confident.  You may run out and buy something (anything!) on impulse to fill the immediate need or  “Oh well, I’ll just wear this dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding when I was in college.”

Any or all of these ladies sound familiar?  Which do you aspire to be?

About adenadesigns

I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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