As I sit here in northern California and the temp is 77 (while a large part of the rest of the country is, and has been for days, much higher), I’m just feeling SO summer.  As you know, we rarely get these kinds of days until at least September, so it’s a real treat to actually feel summer in the summertime.

This photo of my great-niece just captures the spirit of summer so perfectly – it’s a throw-on-a-cute-sundress, throw-up-your-hands, and take-a-walk-in-the-grass kind of day.

I am personally loving this Ella Moss striped maxi dress as a very stylish way to revel in the heat when you can’t get to a beach.  Maxi dresses are so very ‘hot’ right now, if you’ll excuse the term. They definitely aren’t your frumpy maxi’s of old, and you can find them in all fabrics, colors and price points.  Try one out this summer!

Photo: Bloomingdales

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