Swimwear Shopping Savvy

As a kid, the thought of summertime can conjure up seemingly endless days of playing outdoors, a vacation with the family, softball games, BBQ’s, or maybe days at the beach (or if you’re from the East…days ‘down the Shore’.) Somewhere in our lives, we gals start to view one aspect of summertime with dread – the day we will don our swimsuit…and not only the day we have to appear in public in that suit, but also the whole process of shopping for it. (I mean, truly, couldn’t they put some flattering light and mirrors in those dressing rooms?!)

Well, take heart, it doesn’t have to be a torture for you. First of all, it helps going in if you have a little Swimwear Shopping Savvy…..

SSS Tip #1 First of all, forget about numbers…the size, that is. No one will see the size but you, and the important thing is that the suit fit properly, to show off your best assets. If it bothers you, cut out the tag after you purchase.

SSS Tip #2 You probably have a pretty good idea about your body ‘shape’, i.e. round, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass. That being said, you should look for suits that will emphasize your most attractive assets while minimizing those areas you’re not so fond of. For example, if you want to camouflage your midriff, a suit with ruching in the midriff will help. A vertical accent, such as a ruffle down the front of a suit or a vertical line in a contrasting color, will help to slim the body. If your shape is a triangle (heavier on the bottom), you can focus attention on the upper body with a printed tankini top and solid color bottom. Another way to accomplish this is a suit with wide-set straps, which will draw the eye upward and outward, emphasizing the upper chest and shoulders. If you want to emphasize (or create) a waistline, a suit with detailing at the waist will do the trick. You may want to check out the swimsuit section on the Nordstrom website (which is where the above photos came from, by the way) – you can look at suits according to your body type.

SSS Tip #3 Think about the fabric and your planned activity before you purchase. For example, if you’re planning on spending time in the water, avoid crocheted or loosely-knitted suits because they sag and lose their shape when wet.  Move around in your suit – stretch, sit down, raise your knees. You want to make sure the suit stays in put in all the proper places.

SSS Tip #4 Get a tan…no, not in the sun but out of a bottle. We all look better in a swimsuit when our skin is a bit tanned. Whether it’s a spray-on (Mystic and Versatan systems are two good ones…I especially like Versatan because it dries you off after the ‘liquid tan’ is sprayed on…minimizes streaking) or a lotion (again, my favorite is Loreal Sublime Bronze…gives a good color and doesn’t have a strong odor…be sure to wash your hands well afterwards or, as I do, wear latex gloves to apply.)

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I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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