Feelin’ So Summer

I’ve been seeing lots of blue and white the last few weeks – in clothing and in home decor mags.  Since it kept cropping up so frequently, I just had to put together a collage of some of my favorites.

This gauzy blue and white stripe dress just screams “Summer”, as does the hammock.  I’d love to throw that pillow into the hammock with a good book for a few hours – a-a-a-h!  (Maybe I’ll re-read “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya-Sisterhood” – just right for summer.) Then toss on the cute little striped skirt with a white tee and run out for an ice cream.  Then take my Bucky for a walk with the tennies.

What gets you in the Summertime-frame-of- mind?

About adenadesigns

I love sharing style and fashion info with other fashion-loving women and helping them look their very best. Dressing Fashionably Should Always Be Easy!
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2 Responses to Feelin’ So Summer

  1. Lori says:

    Blue and white is my favorite – decorating or clothing! And, from my very UNinformed perspective, I feel like it’s always been in style. (?)

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